Sunflower Community Ambassadors selected, ambassadors meet for first time on Nov. 7


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Sunflower Bank advertises the ambassador program on their website. Below the explanation of what an ambassador does, there was a place to apply. Applications were due Sept. 30. Seniors Kallie Leiker, Isabelle Braun, Shyann Schumacher and Ryan Hernandez were selected.

Four seniors were selected to be Sunflower Bank Community Ambassadors. Those seniors were Isabelle Braun, Kallie Leiker, Shyann Schumacher and Ryan Hernandez.

“A Community Ambassador is someone that represents the community in a positive way,” Leiker said. “We focus on giving back to our town and participating in community service.”

Those interested in the opportunity, filled out an application on the Sunflower Bank website.The application included filling in general information, like your name and address, and then five short answer questions. Applicants also listed their current GPA.

The ambassadors left school on Wednesday and met with the ambassadors that were selected from other schools in the area.

“We mostly had icebreakers today,” Braun said. “We’d never met any of the other ambassadors before. There are 14 of us. Six from TMP, four from Victoria and four from Hays High.”

In previous years, there were more ambassadors, but Braun said the organizers narrowed down the number of ambassadors this year to insure better communication.

The ambassadors will meet monthly and listen to different presenters throughout the year.

“Every time we meet, we’re going to have different speakers coming in to tell us how to interact better within the community,” Braun said.

Braun believes that being an ambassador will open her eyes to different possibilities in the Hays community.

“I’ve never felt like I needed to live in Hays my whole life, but this may open me up to that idea and show me how I fit in to the community,” Braun said.