Students participate in Trick-or-Treat So Others Can Eat


Allison Hillebrand

Senior Shyann Schumacher and junior Cassidy Prough set cans down to be counted and sorted. This is Schumacher's second year helping and Prough's first year.

Hays High DECA held the annual Trick-or-Treat So Others Can Eat on Oct. 9.

Several different organizations from youth groups to Student Council volunteer each year by going to houses and collecting canned goods and other nonperishable food items. Items are then taken to the Community Assistance Center where DECA sorts them out.

“I think the DECA kids are really enjoying it,” junior Cassidy Prough said. “Helping the community is a lot of fun for all of us. I definitely plan on doing this next year because I really enjoy helping the community.”

Prough helped keep track of all the food that came in. On a sheet of paper she made a tally mark each time five items were brought in.

Another student that helped out with the food drive this year was junior Carson Ackerman.

“This is my first year helping with this,” Ackerman said. “It is a tedious task, but I think it is worth it to be able to help out so many people. I think I will come back next year.”

One of the Community Assistance Center’s directors, Laurie Mortinger, was impressed with the amount of nonperishable items that were brought in. This food will help carry them to their spring food drive.

“We are getting a lot of food in which is good because are shelves were getting kind of low,” Mortinger said. “We did not have a goal. We just wanted to fill our shelves up which they did.”