Band students raise money for expenses


Jacob Maska

The Marching Indians perform their halftime show at a home football game against Liberal.

When walking into the band room or listening to the band playing at school events, students typically do not think about the cost of keeping the band running from year to year.

“Simply put: band is expensive,” Band instructor Matthew Rome said. “The cost of marching band alone can easily be $2000+ per season. That does not take into account any expenses for trips, purchasing new equipment, buying music for other ensembles (concert band, jazz band, basketball band) or instrument repairs that may be needed throughout the year.”

To raise money for the class band students are selling popcorn, coffee and more.

Rome said the band is working with Great American Opportunities to sell a variety of items, including several food options.

“I really like this fundraiser in that it’s very low-stress,” Rome said. “It offers a solid potential profit for fairly minimal work, and gives people several ways to purchase items that might make great gifts while helping out the HHS band.”

Junior Megan Flavin says that the phonebook fundraiser from a few years ago was an easier way to gain money but she likes that this fundraiser has no limit on the amount that can be raised.

People can buy items directly from students and are also able to go to Great American’s website, and enter the band’s specific code, 4446035, and type in the name of a band student at checkout to credit that student with the sale. Then they can purchase items at any time and the band benefits.

“If the band makes enough of a profit I’d love to be able to start looking at scheduling an out-of-town trip/performance,” Rome said. “Please support the HHS band. Who knows, maybe you could even get some holiday-season shopping done early all while helping out some of the best students at HHS.”