Strategic doing to be held, students invited to attend


Isabelle Braun

Community members meet in hopes to improve county during strategic doing in 2017.

Per invitation from marketing instructor Shaina Prough, students are welcomed to attend a strategic doing meeting, put on by citizens of Ellis county.

“The strategic doing was put on by several concerned individuals and community entities,” Prough said. “Usually I just send invitations to my DECA students, but some outside of marketing have joined as well.”

Community members had decided to begin the meetings with the hopes of identifying needs in the county.

“We determined what our strengths and what our weaknesses and threats were,” Prough said. “From that came some areas of concern, like education, affordable housing, keeping our young here after they graduate college. They are usually leaving to go somewhere other than Hays.”

The participants of these meeting vary from industries, farmers, education leaders, and people from private business, Prough said.

“On Sept. 10, we are holding another one to see where we are at and what new concerns have come up,” Prough said. “We are joining forces again.”

Prough believes it was a positive experience for her students and all youth attending. Some of their plans have even been acted upon by adults involved.

“The students last year really enjoyed it,” Prough said. “It was an opportunity for their voice to be heard.”