Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ series breaks records


A new adaptation of “The Addams Family,” named “Wednesday,” came to Netflix on Nov. 23.

The show achieved instant success, breaking Netflix records. On Nov. 30, the show had reached 342.23 million hours streamed within its first week, beating the Netflix series “Stranger Things,” which gained 287 million hours streamed within its first week.

“The Addams Family” was originally created in 1938 as a cartoon by Charles Addams. The cartoons were originally published in “The New Yorker” magazine, with around 150 unrelated single-panel cartoons. In 1964, “The Addams Family” hit mainstream media, and since then, there have been 10 adaptations, spanning many decades and media.

One cannot talk about the new show without discussing the leading lady, Jenna Ortega, who plays Wednesday Addams. Ortega has starred in many prominent films and shows, from her Disney days of “Stuck in the Middle” to her more recent roles in “X,” “You” and “Pearl.” Ortega put in countless hours of work for her performance in “Wednesday,” from learning cello and fencing, to mastering her facial expressions. Throughout the eight-part series, she can only be seen blinking a total of nine times.

One main discrepancy I noticed when watching the show is that Wednesday is portrayed as older than her brother, Pugsley Addams, to move the storyline along, despite Wednesday being the younger sibling in the original versions.

This modernized version of “The Addams Family” has brought a new audience of a new generation to the show. The show started many trends, including a Tik Tok dance mimicking the character of Wednesday’s dance in the show, set to the song “Bloody Mary” by Lady Gaga. The director of the new series, Tim Burton, did a great job maintaining the nostalgia of the series while still adding unique twists to the original plot.