Students attend camp for Student Council


This past summer Student Council had the opportunity to participate in a Student Council camp. The purpose of the camp was to collaborate with other schools in Kansas. Students were supposed to work towards improving their schools by getting other ideas from other Student Councils.

Seniors Keegan Chapman, Kara Brooks, and Jeanie Balzer were the students attending from our school, as the camp was only for executive officers.

“I attended because only three people from Hays High could attend this camp,” senior Kara Brooks said. “It was honestly one of the most fun weeks in my life.”

Brooks believed the camp focused on getting everyone to participate, that it was geared toward those who felt ‘invisible’ and how to get them more involved, but Chapman thought it focused on soft skills.

“This camp does not have a notable informational aspect,” Chapman said.

Schools sent a few kids each, but roughly 300 hundred students attended. Working towards new ideas for events and fundraisers, students from the same schools were separated.

“I made so many new friends,” Brooks said. “There were so many different activities to do each day.”

Those who attended were put into councils and went to meetings where they were taught to be better leaders. From the beginning of the day to the end, students were occupied with learning new things to improve their schools.

“I had an incredible time,” Brooks said. “I definitely wish I could participate again. It would be awesome to see all my friends I made there.”

Graduated seniors have the opportunity to apply to be camp counselors.

“I’m thinking about applying,” Brooks said. “That way I could go to the camp again, but as a leader.”