Top 11 outdated memes

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Top 11 outdated memes

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An outdated meme is a meme that people are starting to use less and less after they were a very popular meme. In order from least outdated to most outdated, here is a rating of the 10 most outdated memes.


I don’t like saying this, because Shrek is love, Shrek is life, but Shrek is also an outdated meme.


10. It’s over 9000!!!:

The level of outdated this meme is, is over 9000!!!


9. Sanic:

This meme should have gone fast, now it is just outdated.


8. Philosoraptor:

If nobody thinks I’m funny, and they have stopped using me as a meme, does that make me an outdated meme? Yes.


7. Scumbag Steve:

Was given the chance to be a good meme. Is now outdated.


6. Jimmy Neutron:

“Jimmy, this meme is dead, make an order of pizza for dinner.”


5. Deez Nuts:

This meme should have been outdated a long time ago. Ha gotem!


4. Bad Luck Brian:

Tried to be a meme for too long. Ended up fourth on an outdated memes list.

bad luck brian

3. Nicolas Cage:

This meme is pretty outdated. You don’t say.



Much outdated! So wow!


1. Leonardo DiCaprio:

After a long time of trying Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar, which officially makes his meme outdated.


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