Spring Play cast selected

The cast has been selected for this year’s Spring Play “Ask Any Girl”. The cast includes a total of 18 people comprised of five guys and 13 girls.

The students will start preparing for their parts during winter break and performances will take place March 14, 15, and 16.

The cast is as follows:

Rachel Muirhead, Meg Wheeler

Shelbie Berens, Mrs. Wheeler

Colton Leiker, Mr. Wheeler

Rachel Arthur, Aunt Fern

Nicole Feyerherm, Aunt Lettie

Raeanna Peacock, Ada

Sarah Rooney, Lisa

Amy Jordan, Ruby

Madison Crees, Heidi

Samantha Rohleder, Jeannie

Megan Zeman, Terri

Max Befort, Vince

Alex Crowley, Alvin

Conrad Hoffman, Miles Doughton

Nick Overbey, Evan Doughton

Sylina Zhang, Ellen

Ana Goodlett, Jane


Anniston Weber, Operator