DECA Chapter collects over $1,000 for Ronald McDonald House Charities


Isabelle Braun

Senior Shyann Schumacher works to sell coupon books at the parent-teacher conferences on Nov. 29. The coupon books raise money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities which allow families with severely ill children to stay for low to no cost.

From the beginning of October to Nov. 5, DECA members in the Principles of Marketing class and the Marketing Applications were expected to sell 15 coupon books to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC).

“We sold coupon books as a way of gaining money to give to the RMHC as well as spreading awareness about the charity to members in our community,” senior Kallie Leiker said.

This is the second year DECA has sold coupon books, but last year, each coupon book was only $1. This year, they were $5, which allowed those selling to sell less.

“I don’t think this year went as well compared to last year since the coupon books were $5 instead of $1, they were harder to sell,” Leiker said. “We were expecting to raise about around $2,000 because we had about 500 books that were $5 each.”

The coupon books brought in $1,581. There are still about 184 coupon books that still need sold, and DECA members will receive extra credit if they help sell the remaining books.

All of the money will go toward the Ronald McDonald House Charities which Leiker has been able to work with for two years for her DECA project. Last year, Leiker worked with seniors Isabelle Braun and Brianna Forinash. This year, she works with Braun.

“This years project is rough because we are lacking a big even planned out right not, but Isabelle Braun and I are dedicated to making it better,” Leiker said. “This aspect helps spread awareness about the charities and created chapter involvement for our project.”