Girls swimming competes at Hutchinson


Christina Leos

Girls swim will compete in Garden City for the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) on May 13.

Hays High girls swimming competed at Hutchinson on May 4.

50 Freestyle – Taylor Deines (30.89) for ninth; Elizabeth Clingan (32.36) for 12th; Lauryn Miller (33.23) for 16th; Grecia Melendez-Enriquez (36.40) for 24th; Grace Wente (39.94) for 29th; Erica Wilken (47.11) for 36th

100 Backstroke – Elizabeth Clingan (1:16.89) for fifth

100 Breaststroke – Rilee Schwarz (1:33.11) for fifth; Grace Wente (1:36.30) for seventh; Kiki Gonzales (1:52.80) for 16th

100 Freestyle – Katie Christen (1:08.37) for seventh; Rilee Schwarz (1:12.42) for 13th; Kim Del Real (1:31.13) for 25th

200 Freestyle – Mackenzie Hagerman (2:52.56) for ninth

200 Freestyle Relay – Lauryn Miller, Rilee Schwarz, Katie Christen and Taylor Deines (2:11.12) for seventh; Grace Wente, Kim Del Real, Kiki Gonzales and Mackenzie Hagerman (2:39.87) for 13th

200 Individual Medley – Elizabeth Clingan, Rilee Schwarz, Katie Christen and Taylor Deines (2:25.87) for fourth; Grecia Melendez-Enriquez, Grace Wente, Lauryn Miller and Kim Del Real (2:42.96) for ninth

400 Freestyle Relay – Mackenzie Hagerman, Katie Christen, Elizabeth Clingan and Taylor Deines (5:10.94) for eighth; Kim Del Real, Grecia Melendez-Enriquez, Kiki Gonzales and Erica Wilken (6:36.74) for 13th

500 Freestyle – Mackenzie Hagerman (7:50.00) for seventh