Liza Renz named semifinalist for Kansas Teacher of the Year

Liza Renz named semifinalist for Kansas Teacher of the Year

On Saturday, March 27, English instructor Lisa Renz was recognized as a semifinalist for the Kansas Teacher of the Year Award.

“I was thrilled, and I was very surprised,” Renz said. “I never figured I would be picked for a semifinalist at all, but it was a very nice surprise to be chosen.”

Renz was one of the 138 teachers to be nominated for the Kansas Teacher of the Year. She is a part of the Region 1 semifinalists, which include three elementary teachers and three secondary teachers. In addition to Region 1, there are three other regions in Kansas.

On March 27, there was a ceremony via Zoom to announce the semifinalists. Renz said she was surprised and excited when she heard her name.

“It was a very big surprise, like I said, and a great honor, too, just to be nominated and to be chosen as a semifinalist,” Renz said. “After 29 years of teaching, I didn’t think it would happen.”

Each semifinalist will receive a red marble apple with a wooden base from the Master Teacher in Manhattan.

“I guess it just makes me realize that not all of my efforts have been in vain and that what I am doing is having an effect and people are noticing what I am doing,” Renz said. “Like I said, after 29 years of teaching, sometimes I wonder, “Am I affecting the students’ lives? Am I helping them to move on?’ And, maybe I am. It was good recognition, and I am deeply honored to have been chosen.”