Knitting Club meets for first time


Grant Tesluk

Knitting Club meeting on November 16th in room 113

On Monday, Nov. 16, the Knitting Club held its first meeting of the year after school in Room 113.

“I mainly decided to join Knitting Club because I felt like knitting would be a cool skill to learn,” senior Sydney Walker said. “Also, my friend kind of forced me to join, but I’m also looking forward to getting to know more people and learning how to knit more things.”

Sophomore Seth Tripp decided to join Knitting Club to gain a new hobby.

“I joined because I was looking for a new and peaceful hobby,” Tripp said. “My friends also wanted me to join. I’m really looking forward to start making all sorts of things, like fidget sleeves, washcloths and much more.”

Senior Madison Stanton said she believes people should join Knitting Club because of the sponsors, Kelly Ackerman and Lisa Renz.

“I think people should join Knitting Club because we have instructors that really know how to teach knitting and crocheting,” Stanton said. “It is very easy to learn, and by the end of the meeting, you’ll probably be knitting on your own. Our meeting days are very consistent and planned ahead, and everyone is willing to help!”

The club meets every other Monday in Room 113 with Ackerman and Renz.