Cast list for student-run musical announced


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The performances for "Twisted" will take place on the evenings of Jan. 16-18. The idea for a student-run production was brought to life by junior Andrew Duke, who will direct the show.

The cast list for “Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier” has been released. This Disney musical is a comedy spoof based off of “Aladdin,” but instead of following the story of the familiar hero, it tells the backstory of Ja’Far, the villain from the original tale. The performances on Jan. 16-18 will feature the Chamber Singers and serve as a fundraiser for their program.

Creative and Technical Team:

Director: junior Andrew Duke

Music Director: junior Caitlin Leiker

Choreographer: senior Nathan Leiker

Sound: junior Alexis White

Lighting: sophomore Aidan DeBey

Stage Manager: sophomore Alex Johnson

Crew: senior Da’Vontai Robinson

Publicity: senior Katelyn Engel

House Manager: junior Sam Rider

Poster Design and Lobby Display: senior Kari Satomi


junior Tom Drabkin – Ja’Far

senior Katelyn Engel – Princess

junior Kai Kaufman – Aladdin, Vendor #4, Soldier

junior Gabe McGuire – Achmed, Vice Vizier, Book Shop Owner, Orphan #2

junior Ashley Vilaysing – Maleficent, Bird, Aladdin’s Ex, Nobleman, Soldier

junior Eythun Wyatt – Captain, Aladdin’s Ex’s Father, Soldier #1

sophomore Sam Vesper – Vendor #2, Soldier, Nobleman

senior Marshall Perryman – Abdul, Baful, Bread Seller, Soldier #3

sophomore Carson Brooksher – Sultan, Djinn, Baker, Vendor #5, Soldier, Nobleman

junior Zach Chance – Gazeem, Hawk, Guard, Soldier

sophomore Alex Johnson – Scar

senior Da’Vontai Robinson – Gaston

senior Hanna Dannar – Ursula, Royal Vizier, Townsperson #1, Vendor #3, Soldier

junior Eliana Buller – Belle, Old Lady, Slave #1, Soldier

sophomore Sydney Wittkorn – Cruella de Vil, Monkey, Vendor #1, Thief, Soldier #2

junior Alisara Arial – Sherrezade, Townsperson #4, Orphan #1, Soldier, Swallow-Tail

senior Sierra Adkins – Captain Hook, Townsperson #3, Slave #2, Nobleman, Messenger, Soldier