Red Cross Club holds meeting to discuss upcoming blood drive


Red Cross Club sponsor Jayme Goetz discusses the upcoming blood drive during the Red Cross Club meeting on Oct. 22. Members volunteered to help sign students up for the drive as well as help throughout the day of the blood drive.

Red Cross Club met on Oct. 22 in the Lecture Hall to discuss the Nov. 12 blood drive.  

Members volunteered up to sit outside of the cafeteria the week leading up to the blood drive, so students have an opportunity to sign up for the drive.  

“The process is going to be a little different this year,” Red Cross Club Sponsor Jayme Goetz said. “In the past, we’ve done sign up on paper, and I’ve transferred them online later. However, this year the sign up will be online.” 

Members also signed up to help during the day of the blood drive by talking to students while they give blood and escorting them back to their classes after they donate.  

If students want to donate, they must be at least 16 years old and have a parental consent form filled out. If students are 17 or 18, they can donate without a parental consent form.