Junior Brittani Park participates in graphic design, drawing classes, plans to pursue a career in graphic design


Brittani Park

Junior Brittani Park has participated in multiple art classes throughout her high school career. She has taken art exploration, graphic design and drawing. She plans to pursue a career in graphic design.

During high school, students get the opportunity to choose activities and classes that interest them. For some students, they may choose to fill their schedule by taking woodworking classes, while others may prefer to take music classes.

Junior Brittani Park has chosen to use some of her electives to pursue her interest in art.

“I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love art or making things and being creative,” Park said.

Park has taken art exploration, graphic design and drawing.

“I loved taking both graphic design and drawing,” Park said. “I can’t choose which class is my favorite.”

While Park enjoyed taking both graphic design and drawing, she doesn’t have a favorite project. Park enjoys making the projects but is a perfectionist and can always find flaws in her artwork after it is completed.

“Honestly, I usually don’t personally love anything that I do,” Park said. “I enjoy creating but after they’re done I find mistakes and things I could’ve done better. Nothing I’ve done is ever perfect.”

Even though minor flaws can be annoying, they haven’t stopped Park from doing what she loves.

“Being creative and expressing myself through things that are beautiful is important to me,” Park said.

Park hopes to incorporate her passion for art into her future career.

“I want to pursue graphic design,” Park said. “Finding a practical career that will support you while still doing art that you love is hard but I think graphic design is a really good medium.”