‘Meowvie’ influences teacher’s mannerisms


All teachers have qualities that make them stand out in students’ minds. Math instructor Jerett Pfannenstiel has one of the more unique qualities at Hays High.
Pfannenstiel has a habit of meowing often in classes. During the G2 second semester of his College Algebra class, Pfannenstiel meowed a total of 698 times. Data was recorded each of the 38 days of class from Friday, Jan. 7 until Friday, May 6, though Pfannenstiel had a substitute teacher take his place during three classes.
Discarding the data from Pfannenstiel’s absences, meows per class averaged approximately 20.53 meows, the most common amount turned out to be 30 meows, the maximum during a class period was 52 meows and the minimum was zero, which happened during a test day.
Pfannenstiel tended to meow the most on Mondays, with an average of 28 meows, and the least on Tuesdays, with an average of approximately 13.13 meows.
Pfannenstiel explains that the reason behind his meowing habit is the movie “Super Troopers,” where highway patrolmen meow at someone they had pulled over to “just see how many they could get in.”
“It’s just something that kind of stuck with our generation,” Pfannenstiel said. “Instead of saying ‘right now,’ most people say, ‘right meow.’”
Pfannenstiel said he thinks that students may think it is weird, but he does not let their opinions bother him and even believes “it grows on some of them [students].”
“I just kept doing it because I like it,” Pfannenstiel said.