Kansas Scholastic Press Association announces state journalism competition results

This is the second year in a row that the state journalism competition has been held online due to COVID.

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This is the second year in a row that the state journalism competition has been held online due to COVID.

The Kansas Scholastic Press Association (KSPA) state journalism competition results came back on Saturday, May 1. Newspaper and yearbook students entered multiple categories at the competition, finished in the Top 6 in 12 contests and placed third overall in Class 5A.

There were two different types of entries students could do, visual and writing. The prompts for the visual entries were released about a month before they were due, and the prompts for the writing categories were only available for about three days before they were due.

Due to COVID, both the regional and state competitions took place online this year as opposed to in the past when they were held on college campuses.

Participation at state was determined by how well the students performed at the regional competition, as they had to place in the top six spots to qualify for state. This led to many students competing in multiple categories at state. Senior Alicia Feyerherm competed in five different categories.

“Since regional were also online, they were pretty similar,” Feyerherm said. “I competed in the same categories both times, so I felt pretty prepared for state. Overall, I think it went well, and I am proud of how everyone did.”

The results are as follows:

First Place (5A/6A State Champions):

Cayden Sanders – Nature Photography

Ryan Schuckman – Video Sports Promo

Second Place:

Allison Brooks – Headline Writing & Design

Alicia Feyerherm – Video PSA

Third Place:

Alicia Feyerherm – Feature Writing

Alicia Feyerherm – Video News

Jersey Johnson – Yearbook Copy Writing

Fourth Place:

Cade Becker & Ryan Schuckman – Video News

Allison Brooks – Review Writing

Fifth Place:

Fernando Zarate – Yearbook Design

Sixth Place:

Cade Becker – Editorial Writing

Ryan Schuckman & Gracie Wente – Video PSA