Guitar Club hosts concert in library on Dec. 6


The Guitar Club held its first concert at 7:30 a.m. in the library on Dec. 6.

“This is our first time performing, and a lot of these students just learned how to play guitar this semester,” sponsor Matt Whitney said during the concert.

Senior Megan Flavin was among the students performing.

“Guitar has always been a skill I wanted to have,” Flavin said. “I’m happy that I’ve gotten to learn and have other people working with me to improve and then be able to share what I’ve learned with my classmates.”

Flavin said the concert went well overall.

“I wish we could’ve played more songs,” Flavin said. “We were running behind, so we weren’t able to play everything we had lined up.”

Around 20 students, along with various staff members, attended the performance.

“I thought the concert was really nice,” junior Sophia Garrison said. “I really enjoyed watching so many people coming together to make music. They played songs that a lot of people know and can relate to which made it fun.”