Counselors, Leadership Team members host annual ninth grade, new student orientation


Alicia Feyerherm

Senior Megan Flavin talks to Mr.Balman’s Academy class about the differences between Pride Time and Guided Personal Study. This is Flavin’s second year being part of the Leadership Team.

Freshmen and new students filtered through the front doors on Aug. 9 to attend orientation. Each student was greeted with a smile and given their class schedule along with a map of the building.

Leadership Team members were assigned to specific Academy classes and were in charge of leading around that Academy. For new members, this was their first event being in the Leadership Team member role.

Throughout orientation, students had the opportunity to walk through their class schedule, listen to presentations on school policies and activities and enjoy ice cream with their classmates.

The orientation lasted from 1 p.m. ’till 4:30 p.m.

The experience was not only helpful for the students, but was also fulfilling for the Leadership Team members.

“I really enjoyed helping with orientation,” senior Megan Flavin said. “I feel orientation was very successful and it was nice to be able to help out the freshmen and new students and ease their fears going into this new school year.”