Several place at regional science fair

Freshman Cori Isbell presents her science fair project which compared the academic achievements of athletes to those of non-athletes.

FHSU hosted the regional Kansas State Science and Engineering Fair on Feb. 27 in Memorial Union. Several students, most of which were freshman enrolled in Integrated Science, competed with original projects.

Taking gold were sophomore Sara Rohleder (who took second overall), and freshman Cori Isbell.

Silver medal winners included freshmen Connor Teget, Joshua Norris and Taylor Schiffelbein.

The students that were awarded bronze were freshmen Skylar Reuber-Howland, Dezerae Kinderknecht and Loganne Ditter.

Rohleder, who did her project over the effect of wavelength on the power production of a photovoltaic cell, said that it was a good experience.

“It was pretty chill,” Rohleder said. “So much time and effort goes into science and some people don’t realize that.”

Schifflebein agreed, saying that the opportunity provided her a valuable learning experience.

“My project was ‘How Your Speed Affects Your Position On The Basketball Court,’ and it was really fun,” Schiffelbein said. “It was a great experience in general, but also a great learning experience. I would encourage others to try this. It gives you a lot of experience and you learn so much from it.”