Indian Call spirit days announced


The STUCO spirit days for Indian Call have been announced.

Feb. 9 will be tourist day. Dress up like a tourist.

Feb. 10 will be animal day. Dress up as your favorite animal or wear your favorite animal on a shirt.

Feb. 11 is excessive accessories day. Wear as many accessories as possible.

Feb. 12 is lumberjack day and Hush Day. Wear flannel and look like a lumberjack. for For Hush Day, girls will be given a heart pin and if they speak to a boy they have to give their heart to them. Hearts will be submitted into a drawing at the end of the day.

Feb. 13 will be dress up day. Wear nice clothing.

The games assembly will be on Feb. 9. The Indian Call game will be held on Feb. 13, and the dance will be on Feb. 14 from 8-11 pm. It costs $5 in advance and $6 at the door.