Students selected to perform at talent show

Talent show auditions took place on March 25 and 26 in Gym B.

Many students showcased their talents in front of a panel of judges who later decided which students will perform at the talent show on April 9.

The performers will be Taylor Thomas, Landon Stroup, Aaron Jacobs, Hannah Norris, Mikey Ploutz, Rachelle Lumpkins, Laken Kennedy and Austin Petz.

“We had many talented performers try out, but sadly, due to time restrictions we couldn’t manage all to make it to the show itself,” senior judge Samantha Rohleder said.

Some of the contestants are nervous to be performing in front of the entire school.

“Playing my bass guitar isn’t that terrifying but I am actually going to be singing so it’ll be a bit nerve racking,” Thomas said.

Others have had some experience with larger crowds and seem to be more comfortable in front of large audiences.

“I feel alright about it,” Norris said, “I’ve played shows before, but this will the biggest audience I’ve played in front of yet.”