Senior Pen Pals hold first meeting of the year during PRIDE Time

Senior Pen Pals met for the first time this year Tuesday, Sept. 14 during PRIDE Time.
“Yes, I am looking forward to participating in Senior Pen Pals this year,” junior Lily Biggs said. “I always enjoy sending and receiving letters from the seniors.”
Club sponsors Luke Lundmark and Diane Mason led the meeting in the Lecture Hall.
Senior Pen Pals forms connections between high school students and senior citizens in the community.
Students are given one or two seniors from a local retirement home, a local resident or any seniors who are non-residents and have connections to Hays.
“I’m looking forward to participating in Senior Pen Pals because we get to make more connections with senior citizens,” senior Macy Meyers said.
Club members are required to write one to two letters a month to their seniors. Postage and envelopes are provided, and students are allowed to continue writing to their seniors over winter and summer break.
These letters are turned in to either Mason or Lundmark.
“I am looking very forward to Pen Pals this year,” sophomore Evyn Cox said. “I am excited to write to my pen pal from last year, and possibly write to a new pen pal this year.”
Lundmark said he hopes to hold a meet and greet for students and their seniors towards the end of the year.
“I have enjoyed getting to know my pal, and it’s been a lot of fun hearing about what’s been going on in their life,” Cox said.