Science Department offers new AP Chemistry class

New class at HHS, proposing a close-to college experience

For this year at Hays High, the Science Department decided to offer Advanced Placement Chemistry to students during M2 in Room 135.

It is taught by science instructor Alan Neal, who also teaches Chemistry, Honors Chemistry I and Integrated Science.

AP Chemistry gives students another option when picking science classes. It is different than both regular and honors chemistry in terms of difficulty and time. This class spends significantly more time in the lab than the other classes. In fact, at least 25 percent of the time in class is spent experimenting. This gives students an opportunity to challenge themselves and get a closer look at how a college course works.

This class’s workload is expanded as well. It will require students to spend time and work outside of class. With busy schedules, this could pose a problem.

“It is the closest thing a student can get to a college experience,” Neal said.