Leadership Team shares advice with freshmen


Allison Hillebrand

Senior Jimmy Row shares advice for applying for scholarships and says some steps that he has personally taken to win scholarship money.

Leadership Team held its final meeting with the freshmen on Dec. 6 in the school cafeteria.

A panel of seniors was selected to answer questions in front the freshmen to help them get a better ideas of things that could help them in their schooling.

The questions ranged from, “Why is having good attendance important?” to “Who should you go to when you or a friend are in need of help?”.

The students selected to speak in the panel were emailed in advance with their question so they had a chance to prepare what they were going to say.

Senior Carson Ackerman answered a question about what motivates him to do well in school and life.

“I think that the information shared was good and that I would have liked to hear it when I was that age,” Ackerman said.

Overall, Ackerman said he felt that the meeting went well, and the freshmen could gain a lot from what the seniors had to say.

“I was glad to share advice because I feel that the questions [counselor] Mr. [Troy] Dale came up with created great advice for the freshman,” Ackerman said.

While this was the Leadership Team’s final meeting with the freshmen for first semester, next semester the Leadership Team members will meet with current eighth graders to help them choose what classes to enroll in for high school.

“I am looking forward to meeting with the eighth graders because, when I was in eighth grade, I thought it was really cool that we got to interact with the high schoolers, so it will be neat to be on the other side of that,” senior Paige Polifka-Denson said.