Debate nears end of season


Hope Schumacher

Advisor Codi Fenwick watches over the Debate team during their home meet on Nov. 21.

Debate started planning for its season at the beginning of the school year, but debaters did not start competing until Oct. 12.

They had work nights and field trips in August through the end of September to prepare for the upcoming season.

The team started its season at Salina South on Oct. 19, and freshmen Noah Bruggemen and Ansen Miner went 5-0. They got second place as a team, and Bruggemen got second with the speaker award.

They then traveled to Salina South again on Oct. 21. freshmen Staton Clark and Lily Stivers went 3-0.

On Nov. 16 at Buhler, freshmen Parker Dreher and Brianna Griffith medaled eighth with a 3-2 record, and Clark and Stivers placed ninth with 3-2 record.

Bruggemen, Clark, Dreher, Griffith, Miner and Stivers have all qualified for state, which is in January.