Club Spotlight: NCK Tech – Auto Mechanics Program


Paige Polifka-Denson

Senior Landon Summers takes advantage of the NCK Tech program offered.

Finding what club or organization to be a part of in high school can be overwhelming, especially when given a lot of options.

This weeks “Club” Spotlight is NCK Tech’s Auto Mechanics program.

Senior Landon Summers takes part in the program and spoke about the benefits of participating.

“In the Auto Mechanics program, we learn the basics of how cars work,” Summers said.

The program provides hands-on learning experiences along with classroom time.

“We work on customer vehicles, and we have classroom time where we learn how vehicles work,” Summers said.

Through attending the program, people are given the opportunity to learn real-life skills.

“It’s a really helpful life skill because obviously everyone drives a car, and it’s always nice to have the knowledge,” Summers said.

NCK Tech supplies students with applicable real-life knowledge.

“If I were to ever choose to pursue that as career, it could forward me in that life,” Summers said.