12 completely random YouTube videos you can watch at school

1.Vicious Dog Man

This video originates from an Australian news station reporting on a man who got attacked by a dog. He gets very, very passionate about his experience.


2.Rant against the Sonic Fanbase

Sammy Classic Sonic Fan throws a huge tantrum and he calls the sonic fanbase a bunch of “frickin’ fricks.” It’s pretty hilarious and definitely worth watching all the way through.


3. Pickle Surprise

There is no way to explain this video, but it’s pretty funny.


4. Heyyeyaaeyaaeyaeyaa

He-man sings a beautiful song and it is the most fantastic, pump-up jam ever.


5. 2010 Illinois State Fair Hog Calling Contest

This crazy contest makes for a super hilarious video.


6. I Smell Like Beef

This haunting video of a baby saying she smells like beef will definitely brighten your day.


7. Bad Lip Readings

There are many Bad Lip Readings videos, and they are all very funny. They are definitely worth looking up.


8. Harry Potter in 99 Seconds

This crazy talented kid made a perfect song to sum up the Harry Potter series in only 99 seconds.


9. You could stop at five or six stores

You could stop at five or six videos, or just one.


10. Noice

Here is a great way to waste three seconds of your life.


11. Just Do It

Watch this if you ever need any motivation.


12. Never Gonna Give You Up

Because a list of great YouTube videos would not be complete without this one.