Jana’s Campaign presents to freshmen about dating violence


Nikka Vuong

Freshmen listen to Jana’s Campaign representatives present about dating violence in the library on Sept. 21 and 22.

Each year, representatives of Jana’s Campaign talk to freshmen about dating violence. This year, Kaiti Dinges, Rachel Moravek and Evelyn Dubey presented to freshmen during their GPS on Tuesday, Sept. 21 or Wednesday, Sept. 22 in the library.
“The Bystander Intervention Training provides quality educational programming that assists with exposure to help with the prevention of gender and relationship violence,” Jana’s Campaign sponsor Sue Ann Tebo said.
Jana’s Campaign is in honor of Hays High graduate Jana Mackey, who died as a result of domestic violence, and other victims of gender and relationship violence.
“Jana’s Campaign delivers specialized prevention strategies and curricula that is designed to help prevent violence, build healthy relationships and create new, healthy norms,” Tebo said.
The campaign’s purpose is to reduce and prevent dating, domestic and sexual violence.
“I learned that when you don’t feel comfortable in a relationship with someone, to leave it because you are better than that,” freshman Jaycee Oakley.
Jana’s Campaign members, including seniors Shelby Alexander, Jersey Johnson, Caroline Robben and Sage Zweifel and juniors Morgan Engel, Halle Lohmeyer, Danica Scheve and Rilee Schwarz, helped Tebo in assisting the presentations.
“I learned how to notice all the red flags in an unhealthy relationship and how to get out of the relationship,” freshman Adelyn Wagner said.
Tebo teaches a unit in her Life Management class where she discusses the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships.
“The more exposure that students receive, I honestly believe will help them recognize and be able to help,” Tebo said.
Tebo said she believes that gender and relationship violence is preventable with training, knowledge and continued exposure to what a healthy and unhealthy relationship is.
“I am grateful for the opportunity to lead the group and help assist with the training at HHS,” Tebo said.
For more information, go to www.janascampaign.org.