StuCo holds game assembly during PRIDE Time on Friday


Grace Desbien

Seniors play against juniors in big ball soccer.

During PRIDE Time on the last day of school for seniors, May 14, Student Council held an all-school appreciation assembly in Gym A.
The games included big ball soccer, tug of war and trivia.
StuCo officers chose these games to involve a large amount of people and teachers.
“I am looking forward to the assembly,” StuCo vice president Ginny Ke said before the event. “It’ll be the first and last of my senior year. This event will hopefully carry the message that things are starting to get back to normal.”
Following the assembly, an appreciation barbeque was also held by the faculty/staff Achieve Team.
The barbeque was for all students and staff during an extended lunch period in the cafeteria and front lawn by the totem pole.