Eighth grade visit prepares students for upcoming school year


Junior McKinley Wamser (left) and senior Katie Christen (right) talk to eighth graders at the Future Medical Professionals table. Eighth graders had 45 minutes to visit each of the tables and learn about the variety of opportunities available at the high school.

Hays Middle School eighth graders toured the high school on March 5 and March 8.

Leadership Team members were trained for the event on March 3 and March 4 during PRIDE Time.

Members were then assigned groups of four or five eighth graders. Those without group assignments served as greeters and assisted other groups.

Each group was given a color and a number (blue, yellow or orange). The color dictated the order the groups rotated through activities.

The blue group started out with a tour of the building.

The orange group started with a pre-enrollment session in the cafeteria, where students were given a course guide and information over classes and graduation requirements.

The yellow group spent their first session walking through Gym A, visiting activity booths. Each club and sport had a table so eighth graders were aware of all the opportunities available at Hays High.

The sessions lasted about 45 minutes and after all rotations were complete, the groups ate lunch in the cafeteria.

“My favorite part of the tour was walking around the school and then getting candy,” eighth grader Jaynie Brooks said. “I kind of know my way around because of my dad, but it was still fun.”