Teacher Liza Renz receives nomination for Kansas Teacher of the Year Award


Emily Kreatzer

English Teacher Liza Renz teaching a class of freshmen.

English teacher Liza Renz has been nominated for the Kansas Teacher of the Year Award.

“I was nominated, actually last spring, for the Kansas Teacher of the Year Award by the administrators here,” Renz said. “Because of COVID, they weren’t able to have the recognition last year, and so they just carried it over until 2021-2022. It is sponsored through the state Department of Education of Kansas.”

Renz said she believes she has worked hard, not only teaching but inspiring her students.

“I’m thrilled; I think it is awesome that they recognize the efforts that I put into teaching, and I am super excited to be a nominee for the region,” Renz said.

With the nomination, Renz will have the opportunity to visit other nominees in their schools to observe their teaching methods, but due to COVID, everything is subject to change.

“I also get to attend a conference, if they’re able to hold the conference, next year,” Renz said. “I really hope they are because they have very interesting topics regarding teaching and mentoring young teachers and things like that.”

Renz said she was not expecting the nomination or working towards it.

“I’m in my 30th year teaching,” Renz said. “When I started, I didn’t think I was going to stay in teaching for this long of a period, but I have. I have a few years left until retirement, and so this is an awesome recognition for me, and I am just absolutely thrilled to have been nominated!”

The nominees will be narrowed down on March 27, so Renz will be contacted if she is selected to move on to the next round.