StuCo Lock-in give students opportunity to help with homecoming


Allison Brooks

Students Claire Shippy and Cristina Leos work on Homecoming decorations.

The annual Student Council (StuCo) lock-in was held in the library on Sept. 21 from 6:30- 9 p.m.

“At the StuCo lock-in, we do a lot of painting, building, planning, preparation, and most importantly glitter,” executive vice-president Shyann Schumacher said.

The lock-in worked to get students to participate to prepare the school and StuCo for homecoming.

“The lock-ins are used to kick off the decoration and dance preparation,” Schumacher said. “We want the helpers that come to have something to do as long as they’re there. We want them to do well, and it’s hard to do anything when you’re so tired so we try to avoid that.”

Schumacher said StuCo has been working really hard to put on a great homecoming week and they’d like everyone to get involved.

“I have attended two in the past, the biggest difference for me has been realizing how much planning goes into putting it on,”  Schumacher said. “We have to be prepared to implement the projects we plan.”