Seniors earn over $1 million in scholarships at awards ceremony on May 7

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Seniors earn over $1 million in scholarships at awards ceremony on May 7

Members of the class of 2018 were recognized at the awards ceremony on May 7.

Members of the class of 2018 were recognized at the awards ceremony on May 7.

Bill Gasper

Members of the class of 2018 were recognized at the awards ceremony on May 7.

Bill Gasper

Bill Gasper

Members of the class of 2018 were recognized at the awards ceremony on May 7.

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Academic and athletic awards were accepted by the student body on May 7.

There were 50 award and scholarship presentations and over $1 million in scholarships was given away.

“That was just what was given last night,” counselor Amy Miller said. “There are a lot more out there. I think it’s wonderful and a great opportunity for students to further the education. These people were very generous, and we just appreciate their generosity.”

ACL/NJCL National Latin Exam Award:

Silver Maxima Cum Laude – freshman Andrew Duke

Cum Laude – freshman Kalyssa Boyle and sophomore Allison Hillebrand

Certificate of Merit – sophomore Emily Huff

Kansas Department of Education Seal of Biliteracy:

Seniors Analyse Claude, Lacey Gregory, Edgar Nieblas, Carlo Pulido and Kyler Voss

National Academy of Future Scientists and Technologist Award of Excellence:

Junior Cordelia Isbell

Casper J. Middlekauff American Legion Auxiliary Unit 173 Scholarship:

Senior Kaitlyn Schaben

Ellis County Senior 4-H Scholarship:

Seniors Kelli Buxton, Emily Quinn, Katherine Weisenborn and Collin Werth

Golden Belt Bank Scholarship:

Senior Zachary Wagoner

Nex-Tech “Break the Rules” Scholarship:

Senior Dawson Harman

Hays High Helping Hands Scholarship:

Senior Tabitha Haselhorst

Hays High FFA Chapter Scholarship:

Seniors Kelli Buxton, Kara Gabel, Jared Kisner, Ranessa Maestas, Kelsi Page, Dylan Schmidtberger, Dustin Schneider and Collin Werth

Cody Joseph Younger FFA Memorial Scholarship:

Seniors Kara Gabel and Jared Kisner

Jordyn Claiborn Free Spirit Award:

Senior Erin Muirhead

Ana Hertel Scholarship:

Seniors Autumn Hohmann and Noelia Villa

Coach Bob Kuhn Scholarship:

Senior Abigail Balman

Bob Kuhn Courage Award:

Senior Ethan Nunnery and Macey Steckel

United States Army Reserve Scholar/Athlete Award:

Seniors Chaylee Lix and Dylan Schmidtberger

Hays High Student Council Leadership Scholarship:

Seniors Trinity Callis and London Keller

American Red Cross Blood Services Young Minds Change Lives Scholarship:

Senior Abigail Balman

Sunflower Bank Community Ambassadors:


Seniors Trinity Callis, Autumn Hohmann, London Keller, Mallory Linn, Kamree Markley, Erin Muirhead, Alyssa Owns, Sara Rohleder, Kaitlyn Schaben and Mark Schuckman

Scholarship Winner:

Senior Mallory Linn

Hays High Alumni Association Scholarship:

Senior Dawson Harman

Air Force Recruiting Service Mathematics and Science Award:

Senior Dawson Rooney

Honor Letters:

Sophomore Tasiah Nunnery; juniors Jaycee Dale, Madyson Flax, Kalie Leiker, Tradgon McCrae, Brooke Pflaum, Savannah Schneider, Logan Schulte; seniors Tara Hertel, Ethan Nunnery and Trey VanPelt

American Legion Award:

Seniors Tara Hertel and London Keller

National Federation of High Schools Award of Excellence:

Seniors William Martin and Macey Steckel

Hays Wrestling Club Scholarship:

Senior Trey VanPelt

Hays High June Reynolds National Honor Society Scholarship:

Seniors London Keller and Sara Rohleder

Hays High School Class of 1967 Scholarship:

Seniors Dustin Schneider and Paige Porter

United States Marine Corp Distinguished Athlete Award:

Seniors Autumn Hohmann and Mark Schuckman

The “Semper Fidelis” Award for Musical Excellence

Senior Nick Davidson

Kansas Board of Regents State Scholar:

Seniors Brendan Chapman, Autumn Hohmann, Madison Karlin, Drew Morley and Taryn Stauth

Governor’s Community Service Award:

Senior Brendan Chapman

Air Force ROTC Scholarship:

Senior Sara Rohleder

Daughters of American Revolution Good Citizen Award:

Senior Trinity Callis

KSHSAA Citizenship Award:

Seniors Trinity Callis and Garrett Gregg

Kansas ACT College and Career Readiness Student Champion:

Senior Lacey Gregory

Governors Scholars Award:

Seniors Lacey Gregory and Dawson Rooney

The Kansas State Department of Education Certificate for Exceptional Academic Performance:

Seniors Eric Adams, Brendan Chapman, Lacey Gregory, Madison Karlin, Drew Morley, Dawson Rooney, Mark Schuckman, Ethan Tschanz and Katherine Weisenborn

Hays Rotary Club Scholarship:

Seniors Autumn Hohmann and Jared Kisner

Dane G. Hansen Scholarships:

Leaders of Tomorrow ($40,000)

Seniors Brendan Chapman, Lacey Gregory and Mark Schuckman

Hansen Scholars ($26,000)

         Seniors Trinity Callis, Alliana Drees, Autumn Hohmann, Madison Karlin, Dawson Rooney, Kaitlyn Schaben and Ethan Tschanz

Hansen Students ($8,000)

Seniors Abigail Balman, Analyse Claude, Mikayla Boerner, Drew Morley, Sara Rohleder, Kayla Satomi, Taryn Stauth, Kyler Voss, Zachary Wagner, Katherine Weisenborn, Ryan Will and Sarah Wyse

         Career and Technical Education (8,000)

Seniors Keaton Augustine, Marissa Befort, Savannah Bieker, Ashley Boland, Emma Humphrey, Jared Kisner, Kelsi Page, Taya Randle, Jennifer Vallejo, Mason Weber, Jesse Weilert and Tracee Weilert

2017-2018 All-Academic Team:

Junior Kallie Leiker and seniors Karee Dinkel, Trinity Callis, Tara Hertel, Anna Wellbrock, Gabriela Taliaferro, Kyra Polifka-Wilhelm, Drew Morley, Blade Goering, London Keller, Allen Zollinger, Kyler Koenke, Hunter Brown, Mark Schuckman, Tana Herreman, Zachary Miller, Macey Steckel, Tayzian Otte, Tadin Flinn and Alliana Drees

Debbie Brungardt Fan of the Year Award:

Christin Nunnery, Joel Dreiling and senior Reese Lovell

Shelter Insurance Foundation Scholarship:

Seniors Emily Quinn and Emily Woydziak

Fort hays State University Presidential Award of Distinction:

Seniors Eric Adams, Trinity Callis, Drew Desbien, Alliana Drees, Blade Goering, Autumn Hohmann, Madision Karlin, Zachary Miller, Kayla Satomi, Mark Schuckman, Levil Smith, Taryn Stauth, Ethan Tschanz, Zachary Wagner and Ryan Will

 Fort Hays State University Honors College Scholarship:

Seniors Brendan Chapman, Mark Schuckman and Taryn Stauth

University of Kansas Chancellor Scholarship:

Seniors Lacey Gregory, Madison Karlin, Drew Morley and Dawson Rooney

Kansas State University Putnam Scholarship:

Seniors Madison Karlin, Drew Morley and Katherine Weisenborn

National Merit Commended Student:

Senior Brendan Chapman

Academic Booster Club Scholarship:

Seniors Abigail Balman, Trinity Callis, Alliana Drees, Madison Karlin, London Keller, Mikalya Koerner, Mallory Linn, Kyra Polifka-Wilhelm, Sara Rohleder, Kaitlyn Schaben, Mark Schuckman and Zachary Wagner

Outstanding Athlete Award:

Jack Roberts Female Outstanding Athlete:

Senior Karee Dinkel

         Swim Carpenter Smith Outstanding Male Athlete:

Senior Ethan Nunnery

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