Rouse aims to brighten day with announcements


Abby Brungardt

Sue Rouse works in the office as a receptionist, answering calls, making announcements and checking in visitors.

Receptionist Sue Rouse has worked in the office since last January, performing tasks such as answering the phone, helping put in attendance and checking in visitors.

“I’m the receptionist so I’m the first face people should see,” Rouse said. “I talk to a lot of parents, vendors and students who are doing observations of teachers.”

In addition to her receptionist work, Rouse is well-known around the school for her daily announcements given prior to the dismissal bell.

“I like talking in the microphone, so that’s fun,” Rouse said. “If you put a smile on your face, you can’t ever sound sad.

Prior to working as a receptionist, Rouse worked as a teacher, special education paraeducator and in a Head Start classroom. She said her experience in the Head Start classroom was partially what inspired her to liven up the announcements.

“At Head Start I learned that you always wish kids well,” Rouse said. “I want you to be safe and I want you to come back tomorrow. So, I just want all the students to know who I don’t see every day that we’re glad they’re here, we hope they come back the next day, that they are safe and they do good. It just felt right.”

Rouse said her favorite part of her job is becoming more familiar with parents and students.

“I love talking to parents and getting to know their kids,” Rouse said. “We chit-chat about issues that their kids have sometimes. So, just getting to know the parents is nice when they come in.”