Guidon Lit hosts “Dear Class of 2016” contest


The Guidon Lit is hosting a “Dear Class of 2016” contest. Entries for the contest will be short letters to the graduating class of 2016. Senior students will be able to write letters to other senior students, and underclassmen will be able to write to the graduating class.

Letters can either be addressed to a specific senior, or to the class as a whole. All entries must be submitted to the Guidon Literary Magazine. The prize for first place is a $10 gift card to the Golden Q. Second place prize will be a McDonald’s coupon booklet and third place will be a three pack of Extra bubble gum.

The deadline for entries will be Monday, May 9.


  1. All submissions must be submitted to the Guidon Lit.
  2. Multiple submissions are permitted.
  3. Submissions must include your name for judging, but can be posted anonymously.
  4. Must be original, we will be checking for plagiarism.
  5. Must be school appropriate. (No profanity allowed.)
  6. If you have any questions, contact Anniston Weber at