Twirling Academy teaches confidence, unique sport


A new group has made an appearance at our school. Twirl Academy was created by alumni Shelby Schumacher. According to her sister, freshman Shyann Schumacher, this group was started in part to learn a sport, and also as a confidence booster.

“Twirl Academy is a Hays twirling group that focuses on teaching young girls how to be confident and be proud of who they are while teaching them a great sport,” Shyann said. “Shelby started the Twirl Academy because she felt that there needed to be more activities for girls in Hays and twirling not only boosts a girls self- esteem but it also teaches self-control.”

Girls from TMP, Hays Middle School and our school are a part of this group. Lead by Shelby, this group teaches girls how to better twirl batons for marching band. They meet every Thursday.

“I am one of the oldest in the group and I like to help out with the group often,” Shyann said. “The girls are all so great.”