KU to honor top 10 percent of seniors

KU to honor top 10 percent of seniors

The top 10 percent seniors will be awarded for their academic excellence by alumni from the University of Kansas on Oct. 8.

Each year, KU alumni hold formal banquets for the top students from nine different schools around Northwestern Kansas.

There will be a formal banquet held in the cafeteria where each of the nineteen students will be rewarded with a certificate and a new dictionary.

“I am totally excited,” senior Taylor DeBoer said. “I’m glad I will be rewarded for all the hard work and studying I’ve put in through the years.”

The following seniors were chosen to be honored:

Kinsey Ackerman

Chelsey Augustine

Taylor DeBoer

Kacie Engel

Brooke Forinash

Brianna Galliardt

Morgan Klaus

Bethany Kuhn

Benjamin Morley

Madelyn Norris

Caleb Pfeifer

Gage Phillips

Trenton Potter

Kirsten Prindle

Scott Ring

Jared Thom

Nikki Vuong

Raeleann Weigel

Sylina Zhang