Pumpkin craze plagues student body

Pumpkin craze plagues student body

From pumpkin spice lattes to pumpkin bread, this orange fruit is making a reappearance on shelves and causing a craze among many teenagers.

“Everyone’s so excited because pumpkin is great,” junior Rachel Mewhinney said.

Indeed, several students are fans of pumpkin flavored treats.

“I’m so excited for pumpkin everything,” sophomore Hayley Spears said. “I like pumpkin things.”

Some students especially love when pumpkin themed foods hit the shelves, and go all-out.

“Last year I went crazy,” senior Elizabeth Emerson said. “I carved like seven pumpkins, drank pumpkin coffee, wore pumpkin clothes, I love pumpkin everything.”

While some students enjoy pumpkin, others don’t understand why such a huge craze came with pumpkin-related items being sold.

“It’s stupid and we tend to like stupid things,” senior Korryn Ascunsion said.

Others may understand the craze, but choose not to participate.

“I don’t really like pumpkin anything,” sophomore Gracie Tomlinson said.

Some enjoy pumpkin treats coming out just for the way they taste, while others find it to be an item that transitions us from summer to autumn.

“I’m excited about all the pumpkin stuff,” sophomore Riley Spears said. “I like fall and pumpkin is a sign that fall is here.”