Students claim extraterrestrials exist


At a time where illegal immigration is such a huge issue, some students would rather forgo the politics and focus on a different kind of alien.

Many students believe that somewhere out in the expanse of our universe, there are other life forms.

“I believe aliens exist,” freshmen Braiden Meyers said. “The universe is big.”

Those who do believe have differing ideas about what aliens look like. Some think they closely resemble humans, others stick with the classic idea that terrestrials appear as little green men.

“I believe there might be other species out there, but not green with antennae,” sophomore Haley Spears said.

While the existence of aliens is something most students can agree on, some disagree and believe we are alone.

“No, I don’t believe in stuff like that,” sophomore Rachelle Lumpkins said. “It’s just something people believe in to pass time.”

Students who believe in aliens think extraterrestrials would be hostile if they came to Earth.

“There is always the idea that they might take over and hold us as slaves,” freshman Isaiah Schindler said.

Not everyone believes aliens would be a nuisance, in fact, some believe extraterrestrials could have aided humans in the past.

“I watch a science show where they say that aliens might have helped build the pyramids,” sophomore Alex Pruitt said. “They could have helped start our civilizations.”

If aliens have visited Earth in the past or are currently walk among us and the government knows about it, they are withholding information from the public.

“Area 51 is a top secret base for a reason,” junior Kodi Custine said. “Concerning the government, anything could be possible.”

As for now, we don’t know very much about aliens, but perhaps sometime in the future, we will have a wealth of knowledge about them.

“I don’t know whether or not aliens are walking among us,” senior Chelsey Augustine said. “The truth is out there.”