Movies in class popular among students


Everyone cheers quietly as the teacher announces that instead of another lecture, you will be watching a movie in class today. Students are known to enjoy watching movies in class.

“I feel like we should watch movies in class every day,” junior Chelsey Augustine said.

Some believe that when an educational video is shown in class, it can be easier to pay attention to what is being taught rather than sitting through a lecture.

“Watching movies is easier than reading about the lesson or just having the teacher talk to us about it,” freshman Kade Rittenhouse said.

While some students think it’s easier to pay attention, others get bored by the movies.

“Some students sleep during movies,” senior Allyson Flax said.

Some students believe movies can or cannot be helpful depending on what class they are being shown in, and whether or not the lecture covers everything.

“It depends on what teacher it is,” Flax said. “If a lecture is really good, then we sometimes learn more from them than movies.”

Some teachers enjoy showing videos as a chance to reach out to students who are more visual learners.

“Yes, I suppose they help,” English teacher Diane Mason said. “They’re a visual help, they work well for visual learners. They’re also more modern than some of the literature and stories we read, but they can cover the same lessons.”