Boys swim starts its season at Salina South


Fernando Zarate

Boys swim places third at Salina South. There next meet was on Dec. 7 at Great Bend.

The boys swimming team started its season with a meet at Salina South on Dec. 2.

Hays placed third with 341 points overall.

50 Freestyle – senior Aidan Debey placed seventh (25.98), junior Evan Dealy placed ninth (29.19) and senior Tyler Solida placed 12th (30.74)

100 Backstroke – senior Dustin Rajewski placed sixth (1:23.43) and sophomore Calvin Moore placed 10th (1:29.90)

100 Breaststroke – junior Jude Tippy placed eighth (1:33.43) and junior Ashton Bickle placed 10th (1:39.51)

100 Butterfly – junior Tony Arial placed eighth (1:28.96)

100 Freestyle – freshman Marshal Sook placed third (1:03.53), senior Aidan Debey placed fifth (1:04.10) and senior Tyler Solida placed eighth (1:11.70)

200 Freestyle – senior Chris Isbell placed sixth (2:45.25) and freshman Jack Zeller for 10th (3:00.11)

200 Freestyle Relay – freshman Marshall Sook, seniors Chris Isbell, Tyler Solida and Aidan Debey placed sixth (1:54.61)

200 Individual Medley – junior Tony Arial placed sixth (3:05.75)

200 Medley Relay – junior Eli Rohr, freshman Marshall Sook, junior Tony Arial and senior Aidan Debey placed fourth (2:08.08) and juniors Evan Dealy and Ashton Bickle, seniors Dustin Rajewski and Tyler Solida placed sixth (2:23.25)

400 Freestyle Relay – juniors Tony Arial, Eli Rohr and seniors Dustin Rajewski, Chris Isbell placed fifth (4:54.72) and freshmen Bryton Unsworth, Jack Zeller, Evan Powell and junior Evan Dealy placed eighth (5:29.87)

500 Freestyle – junior Jude Tippy placed fourth (7:09.19) and junior Evan Dealy placed eighth (7:31.30)

The next swim meet was Dec. 7 at Great Bend.