Girls swimming host, competes in Hays


Christina Leos

Girls swimming next meet was on April 30 at Great Bend and May 4 at Hutchinson.

Hays High girls swimming competed in their home meet on April 26.

50 Freestyle – Elizabeth Clingan (31.17) for seventh; Taylor Deines (31.31) for eighth; Rilee Schwarz (31.32) for ninth; Lauryn Miller (34.06); Grecia Melendez-Enriquez (37.12); Kim Del Real (40.93); Grace Wente (41.89); Kiki Gonzalez (41.99); Erica Wilken (45.20)

100 Backstroke – Elizabeth Clingan (1:15.13) for first; Grace Wente (1:34.21) for fourth; Lauryn Miller (1:40.36) for fifth; Kiki Gonzales (1:49.14) for seventh

100 Butterfly – Kae Dees (1:57.95) for sixth

100 Freestyle – Katie Christen (1:10.05) for fifth; Rilee Schwarz (1:11.37) for sixth; Jada Thomas (1:26.23) for 12th; Kim Del Real (1:33.23)

200 Freestyle – Mackenzie Hagerman (2:50.98) for fifth; Jada Thomas (3:13.30) for ninth

200 Freestyle Relay – Lauryn Miller, Rilee Schwarz, Katie Christen and Taylor Deines (2:08.22) for fourth; Jada Thomas, Kae Dees, Grecia Melendez-Enriquez and Mackenzie Hagerman (2:29.14) for 10th; Grace Wente, Kim Del Real, Kiki Gonzales and Erica Wilken (2:51.54) for 13th

200 Individual Medley – Kae Dees (3:57.46) for sixth

200 Medley Relay – Elizabeth Clingan, Grace Wente, Katie Christen and Taylor Deines (2:20.18) for second; Grecia Melendez-Enriquez, Kiki Gonzales, Lauryn Miller and Kae Dees (2:49.18) for sixth

400 Freestyle Relay – Rilee Schwarz, Katie Christen, Elizabeth Clingan and Taylor Deines (4:53.04) for third; Kim Del Real, Mackenzie Hagerman, Grecia Melendez-Enriquez and Jada Thomas (5:47.45) for eighth

500 Freestyle – Mackenzie Hagerman (7:59.30) for fifth

The girls swimming team’s next meet was on April 30 at Great Bend.