Boys swimmers participate in WAC meet


Junior Tyler Solida competes in a race using the butterfly stroke during the HHS home meet at the Center for Health Improvement

The boys swim team had their Western Athletic Conference meet on Feb. 11 in Great Bend at the Barton Community College swimming pool. The team placed fourth with 160.5 points, and the rest of the results are as follows:

200-yard medley relay – Grayson Walburn, Andrew Prine, Anthony Arial, Keanen Rigler (2:06.42) for sixth; Evan Dealy, Ashton Bickle, Dustin Rajewski, Aiden Debey (2:29.38) for ninth

200-yard freestyle – Chris Isbell (2:36.74) for 10th; Tyler Solida (2:28.15) for 13th

200-yard IM – Anthony Arial (2:59.02) for fifth; Eli Rohr (3:06.17) for seventh; Liam Buller (3:15.60) for ninth

50-yard freestyle – Grayson Walburn (26.13) for sixth; Aiden Debey (26.85) for eighth

100-yard butterfly – Anthony Arial (1:23.29) for seventh

100-yard freestyle – Grayson Walburn (1:04.42) for eighth; Keanen Rigler (1:05.32) for ninth; Aiden Debey (1:06.36) for 11th

500-yard freestyle – Jude Tippy (6:53.27) for eighth; Evan Dealy (7:02.69) for 10th

200-yard freestyle relay – Aiden Debey, Anthony Arial, Keanen Rigler, Grayson Walburn (1:50.21) for fifth; Andrew Prine, Liam Buller, Eli Rohr, Seth Sumaya (1:57.89) for seventh

100-yard backstroke – Dustin Rajewski (1:21.94) for eighth; Evan Dealy (1:34.18) for 12th

100-yard breaststroke – Andrew Prine (1:20.91) for ninth; Jude Tippy (1:29.83) for 10th; Liam Buller (1:33.17) for 11th

400-yard freestyle relay – Evan Dealy, Tyler Solida, Chris Isbell, Eli Rohr (4:33.59) for seventh; Leo Hernandez, Dustin Rajewski, Calvin Moore, Alex Johnson (5:38.17) for 10th