Indian wrestling brings home two wins over break


MacKenzie Fagan

Senior Logan Schulte wrestling at the Bob Kuhn Prairie Classic. The Indians next action will be Jan. 8 for the Dodge City Dual.

The Indian wrestling team traveled to Liberal on Jan. 3 to compete against the Redskins. Then went to Topeka on Jan. 4 to compete in the Topeka Seaman Invitational where it went 5-0 beating Basehor-Linwood, Lansing, Topeka, Lawrence and Topeka-Seaman.

Liberal Dual 

Hays 60,  Liberal 12


106: Gaspar Falcon (LIBE) over Devon Mayfield (HAYS) (Dec 7-2)

113: Brayden Hines (HAYS) over Irving Mendez (LIBE) (Fall 1:34)

120: Brayden Hines (HAYS) over   (LIBE) (For.)

126: Corey  Hale (HAYS) over Cristobal Sanchez (LIBE) (Fall 2:40)

132: Creighton Newell (HAYS) over Aldo Hernandez (LIBE) (Fall 5:29)

138: Hazen Keener (HAYS) over   (LIBE) (For.)

145: Carlos Mora (LIBE) over Kyle  Casper (HAYS) (Dec 6-2)

152: Max Lugo (LIBE) over Landon Summers (HAYS) (Fall 5:37)

160: Kreighton Meyers (HAYS) over Easton  Zapien (LIBE) (Fall 3:19)

170: Dalton Dale (HAYS) over Isaias Crus (LIBE) (Dec 6-2)

182: DaVontai Robinson (HAYS) over Daniel Grandez (LIBE) (Fall 0:57)

195: Cole Schroeder (HAYS) over Francisco Gomez (LIBE) (Fall 1:10)

220: Gavin Nutting (HAYS) over Jaime  Arenivas (LIBE) (Dec 7-2)

285: Logan Schulte (HAYS) over Zeth Mansell (LIBE) (Fall 5:52)


Topeka Seaman Invitational

Hays 58,  Basehor-Linwood 18


106: Devon Mayfield (HAYS) over Anthony Casenas (BALI) (Fall 3:25)

113: Brayden Hines (HAYS) over Brayton Olesen (BALI) (Fall 3:04)

120: Cohen Suchy (BALI) over Grant  Karlin (HAYS) (Dec 8-7)

126: Corey  Hale (HAYS) over Aidan Baker (BALI) (Fall 1:41)

132: Creighton Newell (HAYS) over Zachary Radefeld (BALI) (Fall 3:28)

138: Joe Phillips (BALI) over Hazen Keener (HAYS) (Dec 8-5)

145: Kyle  Casper (HAYS) over   (BALI) (For.)

152: Kaden Jacobson (BALI) over Landon Summers (HAYS) (Fall 1:54)

160: Kreighton Meyers (HAYS) over Tanner Parish (BALI) (MD 9-0)

170: Dalton Dale (HAYS) over Nathan Crews (BALI) (Fall 0:19)

182: Hunter Parish (BALI) over DaVontai Robinson (HAYS) (Fall 6:00)

195: Cole Schroeder (HAYS) over Emanuel Vazquez (BALI) (Fall 0:42)

220: Gavin Nutting (HAYS) over Josh Willcutt (BALI) (Fall 3:10)

285: Logan Schulte (HAYS) over   (BALI) (For.)

Hays 54,  Lansing 18


106: Camden Maestas (LANS) over Devon Mayfield (HAYS) (Fall 0:30)

113: Brayden Hines (HAYS) over   (LANS) (For.)

120: Grant  Karlin (HAYS) over Ayreon Daniels (LANS) (Dec 2-1)

126: Corey  Hale (HAYS) over   (LANS) (For.)

132: Creighton Newell (HAYS) over Gabriel Bailey (LANS) (Dec 5-1)

138: Claye Howard (LANS) over Hazen Keener (HAYS) (Fall 1:12)

145: Kyle  Casper (HAYS) over Joseph Irwin (LANS) (Fall 2:14)

152: Malachi Tinnel (LANS) over Landon Summers (HAYS) (Fall 0:13)

160: Kreighton Meyers (HAYS) over Jack Knutson (LANS) (Dec 8-2)

170: Dalton Dale (HAYS) over Andrew Shields (LANS) (Fall 2:16)

182: DaVontai Robinson (HAYS) over Justin Mirto (LANS) (Dec 7-5)

195: Cole Schroeder (HAYS) over Kobi Lawrence (LANS) (Fall 1:28)

220: Gavin Nutting (HAYS) over Calvin Sholey (LANS) (Fall 1:42)

285: Logan Schulte (HAYS) over Braiden McKee (LANS) (Fall 4:31)


Hays 78,  Topeka 5


106: Devon Mayfield (HAYS) over Alex Smith (TOPE) (Fall 2:57)

113: Brayden Hines (HAYS) over   (TOPE) (For.)

120: Grant  Karlin (HAYS) over   (TOPE) (For.)

126: Corey  Hale (HAYS) over   (TOPE) (For.)

132: Creighton Newell (HAYS) over Conner O`Donnell (TOPE) (Fall 1:18)

138: Hazen Keener (HAYS) over Apostollo Zunisa (TOPE) (Fall 1:09)

145: Kyle  Casper (HAYS) over Matthew Cutsholl (TOPE) (Fall 2:52)

152: Landon Summers (HAYS) over Elijah Barron (TOPE) (Fall 0:45)

160: Kreighton Meyers (HAYS) over Skyler Blevins (TOPE) (Fall 5:13)

170: Dalton Dale (HAYS) over   (TOPE) (For.)

182: Vince Vehise (TOPE) over DaVontai Robinson (HAYS) (TF 15-0 3:10)

195: Cole Schroeder (HAYS) over   (TOPE) (For.)

220: Gavin Nutting (HAYS) over Tre Thomas (TOPE) (Fall 1:21)

285: Logan Schulte (HAYS) over Steven Desch (TOPE) (Fall 1:42)


Hays 66,  Lawrence 12


113: Brayden Hines (HAYS) over   (LAWR) (For.)

120: Grant  Karlin (HAYS) over   (LAWR) (For.)

126: Corey  Hale (HAYS) over   (LAWR) (For.)

132: Creighton Newell (HAYS) over   (LAWR) (For.)

138: Hazen Keener (HAYS) over William Maas (LAWR) (Fall 1:25)

145: Kyle  Casper (HAYS) over Henry DeWitt (LAWR) (Fall 0:45)

152: Landon Summers (HAYS) over Fransoir Jones (LAWR) (Fall 1:29)

160: Kreighton Meyers (HAYS) over Justin Miller (LAWR) (Dec 7-0)

170: Dalton Dale (HAYS) over   (LAWR) (For.)

182: AJ. Powell (LAWR) over DaVontai Robinson (HAYS) (Fall 1:24)

195: Cole Schroeder (HAYS) over Gentry Dennison (LAWR) (Fall 5:25)

220: Gavin Nutting (HAYS) over Ethan Rorabaugh (LAWR) (Fall 1:15)

285: Logan Schulte (HAYS) over EJae Jewsome (LAWR) (Dec 5-1)

106: Kevin Honas (LAWR) over Devon Mayfield (HAYS) (Fall 0:43)


Hays 48,  Topeka-Seaman 21


106: Austin Lady (TOSE) over Devon Mayfield (HAYS) (Fall 2:55)

113: Chandler Buessing (TOSE) over Brayden Hines (HAYS) (Dec 11-5)

120: Kyle Adams (TOSE) over Grant  Karlin (HAYS) (Dec 5-2)

126: Corey  Hale (HAYS) over Cameron Smith (TOSE) (Fall 2:45)

132: Creighton Newell (HAYS) over Corbin Gilfillan (TOSE) (Fall 1:31)

138: Landon Willard (TOSE) over Hazen Keener (HAYS) (Fall 2:29)

145: Kyle  Casper (HAYS) over Askew Cole (TOSE) (Fall 3:08)

152: Baily Meredith (TOSE) over Landon Summers (HAYS) (Dec 9-7)

160: Kreighton Meyers (HAYS) over Dylan Williams (TOSE) (Dec 12-9)

170: Dalton Dale (HAYS) over Evan Scragg (TOSE) (Dec 13-7)

182: DaVontai Robinson (HAYS) over Blake Smith (TOSE) (Fall 2:38)

195: Cole Schroeder (HAYS) over   (TOSE) (For.)

220: Gavin Nutting (HAYS) over Ezra Shove (TOSE) (Fall 2:58)

285: Logan Schulte (HAYS) over Jared Kerr (TOSE) (Fall 3:35)