Spirit Day name changes unnecessary


Freshman Alicia Feyerherm participates in Harry Potter world Wednesday

Spirit days are supposed to be a time of light-hearted fun. They are supposed to gauge the school spirit that each class shares. However, they should not be steeped in controversy, like this year’s spirit days.

There were two spirit days that were changed as a result of controversy. Through the Years Tuesday was changed from transformation Tuesday and Wizarding World Wednesday became Harry Potter Wednesday.

The formerly-named Transformation Tuesday was changed because certain people thought this meant it was a day to dress like a transgender. Just writing that irks me because I’m saying to myself, “Who actually thought this?”

Did whoever think this really think that a committee sat around, brainstorming ideas about spirit days, and came up with a day that is as sensitive as sexuality and get this passed administration with no slaps on the wrist?

Moreover, if people actually thought this, they shouldn’t have. A transgender day would never fly in any school, no matter how liberal a school is because it is just such a sensitive topic.

Wizarding World Wednesday was changed because it could’ve gone against certain religions and it might have offended parents or even some students.

I can understand that the Bible sees magic as a satanic ritual, and that wizards and witches cast magic, spells and hexes. What I can’t understand is people being offended by students dressing up as wizards or witches. What a waste of breath.

It’s not like the students that participate are going to be inspired to join a cult and bring down society because they dressed up as Ron.

Why would someone go out of their way and be offended at a day that was supposed to be a cool costume day and a break from the norm? I’m not sure but it makes me very disappointed.

Also, the name change doesn’t even make sense. Wizard world to Harry Potter is like saying jam to marmalade. They are virtually the same thing–literally–Harry Potter is a world of wizards. The name change did nothing to affect the outcome of what students wore. Students would wear Harry Potter on wizard day and Harry Potter on Harry Potter day. This brings up a good point.

Changing the names was a gross waste of power from administration. It would be one thing to change the whole day, name and all, but all they did was change the name. The days were still about dressing up as a person from a different decade and still about dressing up as a magical fantasy character.

The name changes did not have to happen. I feel the changes were put in place for the sole reason of letting administration dip its toe in an area that needed no administrating.

The changes didn’t change anything except the student body’s attitude toward the aforementioned days. It just feels like an ultimate disrespectful backhand. A “no” for no good reason.