Meninism is satirical, should not be taken seriously


Meninism started as a Twitter account parodying feminism. Satire, jokes, that’s all it was set out to be. The creators of the account actually agreed with feminism.

Then suddenly, a bunch of boys began using the hashtags meninist and meninism to claim that females have more rights than males and to just ridicule feminism and females in general. They took what was a joke, a completely fake movement, and turned it into a huge deal.

First of all, meninism is a term made up to sound like feminism. The proper term would be masculism. Those who actually identify as meninists probably don’t realize how incredibly unintelligent the word itself is.

One of the main points meninists whine about is that they believe feminism isn’t truly about equality, they think men are completely excluded from feminism. In reality, real feminism is about equality, therefore, it focuses on men as well as women, though there is a greater focus on the rights of women.

The reason feminism is so centered on women is because women are the ones at a disadvantage in society, and that’s the way it’s always been. Many male issues that meninists address are already covered by feminism.

For example, feminists want to see an end to sexual assault and domestic violence in general, not exclusively against women. But it may seem like it’s always about females because, as statistics can show, so many more women on average get raped than men.

It’s simply ridiculous to argue against the facts that show that women are not equal to men in political, economic, and social matters.

So to those who aren’t taking it seriously, congratulations, you’ve successfully ticked off feminists. And to those who seriously believe in meninism, please educate yourself, you don’t understand feminism. To both of you, thanks for making everything about yourselves, you can quit now.

It seems like most meninists are just trying to get a rise out of people, specifically feminists. Most of these guys are just looking for a debate, a fight, and some of them are truly making people feel uncomfortable or harassed.

I would be able to let it be and ignore the whole issue, despite how ridiculous it is, if it weren’t annoying or harassing people. Doing something just for a fight is childish, it makes you look pathetic.

Hopefully we’ll see this whole issue calm down. It will end when we just decide to believe what we want without trying to force those beliefs upon others. If you need to correct someone, try to put it politely and make it clear that what you’re saying is strictly your opinion.

If you feel you must debate, keep it cool, okay? When someone feels uncomfortable, you’ve crossed the line.