Jana’s Campaign plans for next school year

Jana’s Campaign held a meeting on Wednesday, May 10 to discuss fund-raising opportunities during the summer, bystander training during the fall and other ideas, such as opening the board open to other high school students after the trainings and talking to middle school students and possibly elementary school students about safe and healthy relationships.

The group hosts bystander intervention training during the first semester of the school year for freshmen, with the next bystander training planned for Oct. 4-5 at Hays High School.

Jana’s Campaign is a nonprofit organization that works to better educate younger members of the community, including high school students, on what a healthy relationship is, what the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship are and how to get out of a unhealth relationship safely.

“So, I’ve been teaching here for seven years, and I started the bystander intervention training the first year I came,” sponsor Sue Ann Tebo said. “I am such a strong advocate for safe and healthy relationships, and spreading awareness is the first step.”

Current board members include the following: juniors Jada Bainter, Elsie Chartier, Dakota Normandin, Jen Odom, Jaylee Readle, Haley Rees and Brygette Ross, sophomore Kallyn Meyers and freshman Erin Ruder.