Student council holds meeting on April 7 in Multi-Purpose Room


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The first annual Brain Freeze Event will be held on Saturday, May 1st. HRC asked for Hays High StuCo members to help volunteer during the event.

On the morning of Wednesday, April 7, Hays High Student Council discussed several upcoming events.
First on the agenda, StuCo brainstormed possible alternatives for the Dodge for a Cause event, which got canceled due to a lack of student interest.
The Saturday, April 17 Dodge for a Cause event was going to raise proceeds to split between Hays High librarian Erin Holder and Hays Middle School instructor Cade Scott to help with their children’s medical bills.
Due to COVID-19, the Dodge for a Cause event also got canceled last year as well.
StuCo discussed alternatively holding a car wash fundraiser later this year.
Next, StuCo officers discussed Hays Recreation Commission’s (HRC) May 1 Brain Freeze Race.
HRC’s asked for Hays High StuCo volunteers in their first Brain Freeze Race that will be held at the Hays Aquatic Park.
Proceeds of the 5k run and one-mile walk will fundraise for those who have been financially impacted by cancer and help pay for leisure activities and fitness center members. The Brain Freeze Race is in honor of Missy Droegemeier’s fifth anniversary of remission of brain cancer.
StuCo volunteers will be standing on Main Street and helping participants say on course as well as make Snocones.
Lastly, StuCo officers informed members StuCo elections.
Only active StuCo members are eligible to run as officers of the 2021-2022 school year.
Students must complete an application for the position they want to hold and give a three-minute speech at the meeting on April 28.
Next year’s seniors may run as an executive officer as a president, vice president, treasurer, public relations or secretary of StuCo, with all of these positions requiring that students enroll in the Leadership class next year.
Senior, junior and sophomore class officer positions all include class presidents and class vice presidents.
“Stay true to yourself and just continue to work hard,” StuCo executive vice president Ginny Ke said. “Your peers, along with your teachers, will notice your dedication and whatever happens, happens. It’s okay if you’re not elected as an officer; you can still dedicate yourself to all the activities.”