Students stress over scholarship applications

Students apply for scholarships so college is not as expensive.

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Students apply for scholarships so college is not as expensive.

College can be a very stressful topic for many high school students, whether they are thinking about getting into a good college or the worrying about the debt. Seniors at Hays High are preparing for college, and scholarships are one way to relieve the financial strain.

There are many scholarships that students can apply for, starting even when they are sophomores. There are scholarships specific to a student’s major and general ones that anyone can apply for. They can make a college education more accessible to more people by making it more affordable.

“I am applying for scholarships, as I do not qualify for grants and want to go to college debt free,” senior Kassandra Zimmer said. “I am also looking into studying abroad my second year of college, so I would be thankful for any scholarships I receive.”

One of the most popular scholarships students have applied for is the Dane G. Hanson Scholarship. More than 200 are awarded every year. Overall, about $30 million in Hansen scholarships have been awarded to more than 6,800 students in northwest Kansas.

“I’ve applied to scholarships through the FHSU Portal, a Masonic Essay Contest scholarship, Dane G. Hansen, an auditioned scholarship and some random ones here and there,” senior Ashley Vilaysing said. “I’m applying to scholarships to help with the cost of college. College is expensive! And, besides, free money is good!”

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